Accelerate Your Work Order Process

Automate your preventive maintenance, inspections, breakdown repair to increase your labor productivity, response time and to prevent downtime.

Delete your spreadsheets, toss the paper.

Automate your manual work order process with AutoBlock mobile app!

Work requests

Receive requests that contain pictures of issues and turn them into work orders.

  • Maintenance worker can be completely hands free by using North smart glasses, these glasses take an image or capture audio or display information on the screen.

  • Data is captured from the image, video or audio and automatically entered into your pdf forms, or ERP.

Inventory Management

View stock count for parts and supplies. Create POs when inventory is low.


Create maintenance checklists and apply them to any relevant work order.

Work orders

Attach checklists and manuals. Track parts used, costs, and wrench time.

We automate each & every step of the data acquisition, data processing, data storage, data retrieval, data visualization part of the work orders.

Preventive Maintenance

Create runtime or calendar based PMs. View them from a maintenance calendar.

  • We use IoT sensors to gather real-time factory machine data to predict & prevent machine failures.

QR Codes

Scan any asset for a full maintenance history, or any part for a stock count.

Our system can get data from barcodes, labels, NFC, bluetooth or any forms of data collection devices.

Improve reliability, centralize & simplify maintenance

Reduce downtime by 36%

The average cost of downtime in automotive manufacturing is $22,000 per minute. Get better insight into your data in order to reduce downtime and drive efficiency.

Extend asset lifetime by 11%

A CMMS can help your team stay on top of preventative maintenance workflows which lead to extended asset lifespans by up to 15%.

Achieve 752% ROI by improving productivity

Maintenance and operations teams that use a mobile CMMS experience up to a 752% return on investment through better communication and consistency.

Improve overall facility condition

Increase the health of your facility for your customers. 33% of respondents wait to seek solutions only until after a critical customer complaint.

Enterprise-level security

Trust in multi-layer security including role-based access, strong authentication, and ownership of encryption keys.

400+ app integrations

Turn AutoBlock into your project control centre by connecting to over 400 business tools, or use our APIs to connect.

Eliminate unplanned downtime

Be proactive in avoiding equipment downtime by scheduling maintenance as needed based on analysis of asset condition data.

Reduce work order backlog

Improve efficiency by auto-triggering work orders when a calendar date or meter point is met, and viewing open work by type, technician, craft, etc.

Improve spare parts accountability

Save time and budget by associating spare parts with assets and PMs, automatically reordering parts, and implementing barcoding.

Make technicians mobile and managers data-driven

Easy for technicians

  • Carry your work orders in your pocket

  • Snap photos of issues and finished work

  • View work order details from your phone

  • Scan assets for maintenance records

  • Close out work orders on the spot

Insightful for managers

  • Track wrench time and costs

  • Track equipment uptime

  • Run reports for safety and financial audits

  • View maintenance histories for assets

  • Make data-driven decisions

AutoBlock digital work order is an application built on customer suggestions. Our digital work order mobile applications has been specifically made for the automotive and transportation industries, we've taken the best ideas and made it available for YOU, in a very affordable package.