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Advanced Data Security for Supply Chains via Blockchain

Pharmaceutical DSCSA Saleable Returns

MedTrace is a leading provider of services and solutions that secure supply chains, protect against product counterfeiting, and help businesses comply with FDA regulations. Our customers are partners in the pharmaceutical supply chain, including manufacturers, whole distributors, dispensers, and logistics providers. MedTrace has been working with a number of Pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesale distributors helping them meet the Verification Router Service(VRS) requirements of the FDA DSCSA initiative, specifically in the area of Saleable Returns.

MedTrace for Saleable Returns

MedTrace Verification Router Service for saleable returns functions as a platform, a network, and a cloud application so that companies can verify serialized products with a single scan of any 2D barcode. MedTrace VRS routes verification requests to the manufacturer’s EPCIS serial repository for an immediate query and response. MedTrace VRS not only works 24/7 but also offers sub-second response time for each transaction.