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91% of business leaders believe that transparency builds trust. AutoBlock makes it easy for your business to bring trustworthy information to the point of sale, helping you to build brand trust now and into the future.

Make transparency a competitive advantage

AutoBlock has developed a structured suite of ‘claims’ – a statement you can make about your business or products. We call it the transparency framework. The claims link to third-party data sources to enable proofs via our Transparency system.

Prove what’s great about your brand and products

With our Transparency Engine you can verify your business and supplier connections for greater supply chain integrity. You can also turn your certifications into data-backed marks for your customers to review. Other claims can be substantiated with data that is gathered from across the supply chain. This then is submitted to to the blockchain to be stored in an immutable, unduplicatable format.

Engage your customers online and in store

The AutoBlock publishing suite enables you to easily share your transparency story directly with customers. Whether it be via publishing it in your website, as a standalone URL, or as ‘cards’ to use across social channels, content is optimised for any device or platform and can be tailored for all points of your customer journey.

Verify authenticity

Create a digital version of your product through AutoBlock and link to it via a secure tag, e.g. an NFC tag or Barcode. This digital record of authenticity can be transferred at point of sale to the new owner to maintain the product’s journey and value.

Show the journey of every batch

AutoBlock enables you to share honest stories and data-backed claims about your business and products in a trustworthy way. You can take that further by showing the traceability of each batch or item through our tracking tool. This creates a timelined supply chain with product data unique to each batch.

Benefits of using our technology


We are familiar with technology ratings as a broker for trust. We use tech and third-party data all along the supply chain to create trust in your claims.


Our platform enables collaboration between producers, brands, retailers and end customers – gathering the story throughout the chain.


Store evidence and confirmed information in a blockchain. Easily show that your claims and product journeys are true and supported in a secure, auditable format.


Create meaningful relationships with customers who share your values and appreciate what you make and do. Discover what matters the most to them.


Use AutoBlock badge to authenticate key product information, demonstrating true quality and tackling counterfeits or false claims from others.


We make it easy to bring AutoBlock to your brand ecosystem, reinforcing your online presence and bringing a digital dimension to your physical product labels.

AutoBlock is for makers and sellers

Step 1: Call Us

Call us to request a membership and start to explore the platform, inviting product collaborators

Step 2: Add Info

Once access is confirmed, connect business or product information such as certifications, awards and proven claims

Step 3: Share Journey

Share your transparency journey through your own website and social channels as well as retailers to showcase what makes you great

About AutoBlock

AutoBlock is a Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technology incubator located in Cambridge, MA, USA. AutoBlock provides innovative technology solutions for the Supply chain industries.

AutoBlock has been operating for the past six year in Cambridge in the Kendall Square area located right across Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan school of Business. AutoBlock is the largest Blockchain technology Meetup group in the Boston area with 4000 members and holds community meetings every Thursday evening from 6-PM at the Cambridge Innovation Center located at One Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142

Attend our community meeting held every Thursday night from 6-8 PM in Cambridge

Held every Thursday night from 6-8 PM at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Kendall Sq, Cambridge, MA, USA

Held every Thursday night from 6-8 PM at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Kendall Sq, Cambridge, MA, USA

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One Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142