Case Studies

Retailers and producers in the pharma, food and drinks industry use our software service to help prove the traceability of their products.

A new standard for trust in food retail

Empowering customers all along the supply chain, Traceability enables retailers to provide shoppers with trustworthy data. Consumer co-operatives use traceability software to track fresh produce, and their product claims, from origin to supermarket.

Tracing proven sustainability claims through global supply chains

Taking traceability solutions to the next level, we enables a robust digital proof for sustainably-sourced and slavery-free products. We worked with Pole and Line certified producers in SE Asia to track fish through the supply chain for Japanese and US markets.

Communicating a sustainable fashion story in-store

How can a small fashion brand built on sustainability and ethical practices bring that impact story to shoppers? Innovative designer use our platform to easily turn their story into a mobile in-store experience.

A digital future for certification

It’s time to increase the integrity and interactivity of certifications. We are working together to reinforce the value of certification, bringing an interactive version of the organic mark to the supply chain and the point of sale.

Fair Trade: Proof of fair payment

Our technology supports fair trading in the digital age. Working in an international coffee supply chain, our software was extended to create a system that proves the exact living wage payment for product batches.

Farmers Cooperative

Empowering small, independent food brands with digital transparency tools

We help small businesses, both producers and retailers. Read how our platform has enabled a farmers’ cooperative to provide their customers with full traceability on the products they buy.

End-to-end transparency for fashion

Can tech help boost trust and transparency in the fashion industry? Collaborating with businesses along a Bangladesh based fashion supply chain, we used blockchain to track raw material from farm to finished garment.

Showcasing craftsmanship via smart labels

How can we give shoppers the information they need to chose your product? We present the journey of material to finished product through interactive labels.

Tracing towards a circular future for cotton

How can tech help cotton producers increase demand for the sustainable, renewable and biodegradable, fabric? We use our software to trace cotton from origin to finished goods and beyond, closing the loop.

Raising the value of single-origin coffee

How can single-origin coffee producers prove the provenance of their product? We use location data verification to differentiate between authentic single-origin coffee from mere marketing buzz.