Holistic Customer Behavior Visibility for Omni Channel Enterprises

BlockRewards is a solution for Omni Channel enterprises seeking a holistic view of their consumer behavior across all channels. We combine the best features of a CRM & an ERP to align your supply chains to the consumer based on their behavior.

  • Improve customer satisfaction by personalizing supply chains to their needs
  • Proactively manage complexity, predict risk and discover synergies between customer segments
  • Replenish based on real time demand data and effectively manage variability
  • Integrate internally and with external trading partners to become more responsive
  • Synchronize lead times across each supply chain stages to meet timely demand
  • Make better decisions based on real-time information modeling and simulation for pricing
  • Improve security, reduce cost, decrease transaction costs and improve transparency using Blockchain technology

Overcome Challenges With AutoBlock


  • Proactively manage complexity by segmenting customers to personalize their supply chains so that they are aligned to each of the segment's unique requirements
  • Discover synergies between different customer segments to optimize the segments supply chain
  • Become more integrated with your strategic customer segment that have more impact on your business
  • Improve demand based forecasting for profitable customers
  • Easily integrate with trade partners, suppliers and customers without connecting each and every system


  • Manage demand variability and uncertainty effectively by integrating demand forecasting to improve responsiveness and pricing
  • Manage supply variability and uncertainty by modeling and simulating customer demand
  • Calculate and predict precise inventory and capacity buffer based on demand, supply, manufacturing and supplier variability
  • Simulate and model variability for demand forecasting and supply forecasting
  • Synchronize all supply chain components to reduce lead times and reduce inventory


Blockchain documents every single step in the supply chain on an immutable ledger that cannot be changed or altered after-the-fact. It essentially boosts visibility across the entire supply chain, thereby reducing complexity, variability and provides holistic view of the customer.


Unified solution for customer journey tracking across all channels, a single platform from ordering, fulfillment and returns. This provides a holistic view of your customer and you have complete control over who and how your data is queried.